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Middle School Program

Life in middle School

Rocklin’s Middle School are pivotal bridging years for learners who completed Primary School and are preparing for High School years. Middle School comprises of Grades 7 and 8 (ages 12 to 14). Middle School learners transition from a classroom with a homeroom teacher to subject-based classrooms, and students are given a greater autonomy to select elective classes that interest them. Our student-centric curriculum aims to build resilient, resourceful and analytical thinkers. At Rocklin, we focus on the holistic development of each child to nurture compassionate and engaged global citizens.

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

School Hours

8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday

From 7.30am, students are met at the entrance by our friendly staff team where they are escorted up to class. Teachers are present to welcome and guide them along the way.

Class Size

One unique feature at Rocklin is our small class sizes. All core subjects (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science) are limited to 15 students to 1 teacher.

Sample Class Schedule for

Grades 7-8

A look at our Education Program in Middle School

Middle School Core Subjects

English language Arts

English Language Arts Grades 7 to 8 focuses on students’ growth in: Mastery of Knowledge and Skills, Character, and High-Quality Student Work.

Students integrate technology into the classroom by completing performance tasks in these two years such as creating a webpage, putting together and recording a podcast, and writing an illustrated ebook. ELA Grade 7 to 8 works towards not only engaging all students in the development of knowledge and academic learning, but also to elevate student voice and leadership across the School.


Grade 7 Mathematics is a complete Pre-Algebra course, covering not only Grade 7 standards but also including Grade 8 standards like linear equations and the Pythagorean Theorem. Students learn to:

  • Apply mathematical skills to problems arising in everyday life
  • Use different tools like graphing calculators and spreadsheets
  • Learn how to communicate with classmates how they completed the problem and why it is a reasonable answer.

    Once completing our rigorous Pre-Algebra course, students can then move on to our High School Mathematics courses: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus, and AP Calculus.
  • Science

    Science in Grades 7 and 8 is part of a three-year curriculum that begins in Grade 6. Throughout these units, students grow in their ability to problem solve, ask good questions, and argue based on evidence.

    The curriculum is grounded on evidence, collaborative between the teacher and students, and builds a classroom culture that values ideas and learning of all students. Each different grade level uses a storyline approach to introduce the unit, based on questions that arise from a puzzling phenomenon.
    Here is a sample of topics covered in Grade 7:

  • Chemical Reactions and Energy
  • Matter Cycling and Photosynthesis
  • Ecosystem Dynamics and Biodiversity
  • Earth’s Resources

  • Here is a sample of topics covered in Grade 8:

  • Sound Waves
  • Forces at a Distance
  • Earth in Space
  • Genetics
  • Social Studies

    Grade 7 Social Studies curriculum covers United States History and each unit is based on a Big Question, which helps establish the bigger concepts studied and provide an overview of each unit. Students read primary and secondary sources as a basis of discovering answers to the Big Questions. Students are encouraged to develop civic awareness, civic participation that will help them on the journey to become global citizens.
    Grade 8 Social Studies curriculum covers World History and Geography. Students continue their progress of becoming a global citizen by studying case studies from different geographic regions and connecting history and geographic concepts from around the world to our own community. Grades 7 to 8 sets the stage for the more advanced Social Studies courses in the high school curriculum.

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