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Step by Step Admissions Process

How To Apply

Admissions Process

At Rocklin, our goal is to provide a safe environment for our students to learn, explore, be creative and socialise within our multi-cultured family, all with American styled education. We are very glad that you have considered joining our family!
Here, we have simplified the Admission's Process for you With the following steps:

Step 1 - Campus Tour

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Please include the following information: your child’s birth date, current grade and current school name in the message text box.

    Step 2 - Assessment

    At Rocklin, our aim is to ensure that your child is in the appropriate year group based on their age and their English and mathematical proficiency. Therefore, assessments are taken and academic transcripts are received to be able to provide the suitable learning environment for your child.

    Students from Kindergarten up to Grade 9 are required to under table an entry-level assessment to gauge their English and Mathematical proficiency, and if they demonstrate safe and sociable behaviour. English as a second language (ESL) support will be provided to students who require further assistance. 

    Students from Grade 10 to Grade 12 are required to produce academic transcripts from previous schools to show evidence of previous credit attainment and character references.  English as a second language (ESL) support will be provided to students who require further assistance.  

    If required, an admissions interview with the principal may be requested. The interview must be attended in person, or by ritual meeting, by prospective student. The admission decision is reached based upon age and behavioural appropriateness, past academic results, a face to face interview, the results of the admissions testing and whether a suitable place is available at Rocklin. 

    Step 3 - Application Forms

    Prior to the 2-day trial period, you will given application forms and they must be completed in full, signed by parents or legal guardians, and submitted with supporting documents to the admissions office at Rocklin.  No application will be considered until the application forms are received.
    Required Forms
    Required Documentation

    Step 4 - Trial Period (Optional)

    Once the prospective parents accept the offer of a place at Rocklin, the Admissions Office will inform the Finance Office. The Finance Office will generate an invoice for payment and forward the invoice to the responsible party.

    The Admissions Office will inform the Academic Team of the admission of the new student(s). Students may only attend School once all required fees has been paid as per the Fee Schedule.

    Due Dates For Semester Tuition Fees

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    We are looking forward to seeing you at Rocklin!