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We use American Education to enrich your child's potential while also maintaining the well being of the environment.

Rocklin’s aims in its educational program can be summarized by our five schoolwide learner outcomes. These ABCDEs guide the what, why, and how we educate every learner. Rocklin’s students will be:

Academic Achievers who

Meet or exceed the standards and performance indicators for their grades, show continuous academic growth appropriate to their grades and are academically ready to enter a university or trade school upon high school graduation.

Balanced Learners who

Develop good character and temperaments that foster resilience and help them overcome challenges understand the importance of physical and emotional well-being for themselves and others know how to communicate their feelings and needs in a constructive manner

Critical Thinkers who

Gather and synthesize information from various sources, analyze information and make logically sound conclusions find creative solutions to real-world problems.

Dynamic Communicators who

Present information in a clear and engaging way in a variety of settings listen actively and respond with relevant questions, know how to use technology to enhance communication.

What is American Education?

Our U.S. curriculum aligns with the American Education Reaches Out project (AERO). AERO is a project supported by the U.S. State Department’s Office of Overseas Schools and establishes a framework for developing and implementing the Common Core State Standards in international American schools.

By following the framework from AERO, we are able to provide consistent, high-quality education from Kindergarten through High School. In each subject and grade level, we strive to have the content of our written and taught curriculum fully align with the AERO standards and performance indicators. Our goal is for our assessments to be aligned with our learning targets and for all assessments to measure standards-based content.

Our Curriculum

Learn about our year groups and their curriculum and how we prepare our students for college.

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Year Group Programs

Rocklin International School has grades from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Students belong to our Primary School (Kindergarten-Grade 6), Middle School (Grades 7-8), and High School (Grades 9-12). Classes in each grade seek to educate students holistically, focusing on both academic achievement and physical and mental well-being.

Primary School Program

High School Program

Middle School Program

College Prep