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Spirit Week!

We encourage our students to express themselves and show school spirit. And you’ll not see this more clearly than during Spirit Week!

Spirit Week is a week of student-inspired costume days. Two particularly fun days this last year was “matching day” and “career day”. On matching day groups of students coordinated their outfits, resulting in a day of classes loaded with brightly colored patches of students. “Career day” answers in a fun way the classic question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Each student wore the costume of a dream or fun career. We had little archeologists, doctors, veterinarians, scientists, artists, basketball stars, and pro-gamers running around our school that day.

Spirit week is just one way that Rocklin International School promotes creativity and freedom. We want each student to have the ability to be themselves and to find their school a safe and comfortable place where they can have fun as well as learn what’s important. Learning should be fun, right? Well, it is at least at Rocklin International School.

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